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Right or Righteous?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019


I think most of us would agree that it feels good to be right. There is nothing more frustrating than being in a situation or conversation when we know something to be true and someone is trying to disprove it either with confusion, arrogance or just plain stupidity. And for some of us, I won't mention my own name here because that would just be foolish, getting someone to admit that THEY in fact were wrong and YOU were right, can be extremely gratifying. But, sometimes I wonder if that's always the best way.

When a fool is annoyed, he quickly lets it be known. Smart people will ignore an insult...

(Proverbs 12:16)

Being right can come with a price depending upon how we pursue it, and sometimes I'm not sure it's worth the cost. Being righteous on the other hand is a free gift that I sometimes misplace. At certain times in my life I've had to step back and ask myself, "is this really worth it?"

If your anything like me, your first reaction might be to not let it go until your satisfied with a testimony you want to hear. But, there have been many times after an admission occurred, and I had my few minutes to feed my ego regarding the matter, that I still was left feeling unsettled about the situation. I came to realize it was because my pride took it to a level that allowed my emotions to dictate the dialogue and that's never a good thing. Being the "bigger person" is hard, but sometimes necessary. The truth of the matter is, most times people know when they are not being honest with someone else or themselves. So, what should we do with that?


Would he want me to ruin relationships over it? Sometimes these situations can start out between just two people but end up entwining others in the process. When that begins to happen I have to decide if being right is more important than being righteous. Righteousness, still seeks the truth but it does it in a honorable way. It extends goodness and dignity in the process.

A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart.

Proverbs 21:2 |

I may never know or fully understand why some people do the things they do. My guess is that they must have bigger things going on that are way beyond the situation at hand. By acknowledging that, it's important for me to wait on my words by pushing the pause button on my responses and reactions and making an intentional effort to take the "high road," even if it is initially less gratifying.

Sometimes, we have to agree to disagree even if it feels like we are allowing someone else to win. Being righteous is be willing to trust Him in all things first and handle the situation in a godlike manner. Remembering to do that reminds me that His approval of my actions counts more than me being right.

I would challenge you this week to think about the current situations in your own life and ask yourself this question... Is it more important that your seen by one, as right or by many, as righteous?

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry; Psalm 34:15

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