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Just Breathe...

I’ve found it difficult lately to relax enough to produce a deep inhale. Being emotionally stuck in negative spaces has never offered me peace, only frustration and feeling like I can barely catch my breath. It's hard to breathe when feeling suffocated by fears that are out of my control. Having an unsettled mind and heart keeps me running with no clear direction on how to reach my destination and makes it harder to slow the beat.

At times, the thoughts in my mind have played repeatedly like a broken record. Fearing the future can leave me feeling exhausted and depleted, mentally and physically. Yet, a simple action like dropping my shoulders immediately began to help me just breathe again. Slow and steady. Each slow breath has the power to calm me down just enough to take my next brave step towards hope; the hope of finding and knowing peace again.

I have learned over the years how important it is to be intentional about resisting the urge to stay stuck and instead find ways to let go and regroup. Choosing to shift my thoughts from grief to gratitude and making small changes help me break the cycle of trying to will things I wish would happen. Taking opportunities when I can to just breathe gives me focus even if it's momentary.

Maybe you’ve had seasons in your life too when you’ve become exhausted from treading in life for what feels like an eternity. Or your fears have left you in a state of confusion on where to go and what to do next. It is not uncommon to face times in your life where survival mode is your only mode.

It’s important to remember that seasons are temporary and even the harshest ones can flourish and thrive.

This week on the Life On Purpose Podcast, I’m talking with Andrea Bourgeois. Andrea understands difficult seasons in life especially after hurricane Laura devastated her hometown Yet, even with all the displacement and destruction, Andrea re-focused and began to dig deep past shattered dreams and rediscovered new hope with her book, Just Breathe.

This book recognizes the challenges that we all experience in life but rather than stay stagnant in our circumstances, Just Breathe is A Modern Day Exodus Journey to Revive Your Soul.

If you’re looking for newfound strength or rejuvenation of your mind, body, and soul, I would encourage you to grab a copy of this book. I pray that you feel renewed moving forward and take the time to just breathe.

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