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Resuscitate & Reignite

This past weekend away almost didn't happen. It had been postponed too many times to count. In the last 6 months due to scheduling conflicts and the current restrictions, I just assumed it would have to be carried over in another year or another time. Yet, we made it!

And if I'm being honest, stepping out of the car and into the crisp Adirondack air felt like oxygen for my soul. My shoulders immediately dropped and I instantly felt peace and contentment. No calls, no deadlines, no typing, no distractions. Just a recharge that I had been craving over the last few months. Within my 10 second scan of the mountain peaks sprinkled with snow, the process to resuscitate & reignite had begun.

Rest and relaxation, are usually what R &R is referred to, but I need to take a breath. I needed to reignite and remember my priorities, to slow down and appreciate what is right in front of me. To step off the hamster wheel and just be. I have a lot to be grateful for but rushing through days, weeks, and life, wasn't going to let me appreciate it.

Ron and I are both wired similarly in this way and he has an even harder time appreciating the rest until he's showed up for himself, and allowed it.

We have both been trying to accomplish so much lately. Me on all my book commitments and projects and him walking a tight-rope trying to balance multiple jobs with constantly changing timelines due to the pandemic, along what feels like an endless travel schedule. His routine has never been predictable, however, up until my writing journey, mine has.

My writing has been so consuming that I haven't had much to offer anyone or anything else except my leftovers. And although I absolutely love writing, I love my family and friends more. I began recognizing the frustration stemming from my inability to give everyone and everything that I wanted to.

This trip helped me re-group. It was more than a getaway, it felt like I was inhaling new life, a re-start of sorts. It allowed me to pause and practice what I preach, and redefine my priorities with people I love and trust. The long conversations and laughter felt like an early Christmas gift and left me feeling revived and looking forward to the holidays for the first time this season.

The politics, virus, and uncertainty of Sam's homecoming have added to the heaviness of the upcoming holidays, yet the weekend gave me a shift in my perspective. I will only experience and live what I see. So, rather than just focus on deadlines, barriers, and challenges, I've decided to pour my energy and attention into the amazing people and things that God has blessed me within my life.

The short trip allowed me to push the pause button and hit replay. As much as I hated to leave, I felt excited to return and dive back into who and what I love.

I pray that if you are struggling during this time and need to re-center, show up for yourself. You don't need to drive 2 hours to a mountain to be with the people you love but sometimes it does need to be scheduled as a life-giving priority. Encourage those around you and acknowledge all the good despite circumstances. Take an hour, day, or weekend and do what you need to resuscitate and reignite your soul, you'll be so glad you did.

God Bless,


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