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The Gift Of Gratitude

Recently I attended a dinner for a close friend of mine that was honored for his commitment and service to helping improve his local community. The list of all his accolades with various programs and involvements in local organizations was quite impressive, yet what I found to be most notable was his recognition of others and crediting his successes for today with his experiences in the past . Expressing a deep appreciation for his life up to this point was humbling to hear and solidified why he was so deserving of such a distinguished award. His speech brought humor, sentiment and acclamation however, the final four words he ended with challenged me to make sure I am approaching each day with...


"Blessed Are They Who See Beautiful Things In Humble Places Where Others See Nothing." Camille Pissaro

Gratitude is not always an instinctual feeling, especially when we experience trials in life. We can occasionally be blurred by one event and forget to see all the other blessings around us. It's easy to become complacent and overlook the small everyday gifts. And often times we don't immediately recognize the value that each modest interaction adds to our life.

A warm hello, a Sunday afternoon with family, or the ability to attend a child's game. In the day-to-day, those things can be tossed to the side like insignificant happenings, however when we take a moment to pause and pay attention, we have the opportunity to recognize how fortunate we are.

Approaching everything with a grateful heart makes me appreciate the present and gives purpose to my past. Letting go of the idea that gratitude should only come when good things happen in my life, has helped me gain a new perspective.

Adjusting my attitude isn't always easy, especially on hard days. But it's a choice that I make daily. I've learned that it's the intentional effort I put into things that gives me the greatest rewards. Staying steadfast with my head up and heart open, allows me to embrace life to the fullest and in turn, continue to develop "an attitude of gratitude," for all things God allows.

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