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Comfort Foods

Edamame, NOT Lima beans...just in case you were wondering.

Coming home from a crisp, fall night of watching my childrens sporting events, nothing appeals to us more than a warm meal to complete the evening. And although I am not a big meat eater, the aroma of roasting pork chops in plum sauce can immediately give off a welcome home feeling that I'll gladly embrace!

Crock pots were big in my household growing up and even though I don't use mine as much as my mother did, they are a great assist in most comfort foods. My sous-chef most of the time, is my Le Creuset. I love it and most everything cast iron. They can go from stovetop to oven and to be honest, they're pretty to look at! (What can I say, I'd rather take my meal from that than a nasty old pot I've had forever! I know, very shallow...)

My comfort foods typically revolve around broth bowls of one variation or another. An all time favorite of mine to take home and replicate is the soba noodle and edamame broth bowl from Panera Bread. I absolutely love their version of it but, I prefer to modify it with less salt, and any other add-ons I don't need. It is probably one comfort food that my entire family enjoys, even if they don't love everything that's in it. It's such a hearty and healthy dish that even if they leave behind a few extras in their bowls, (mushroom are like my kids kryptonite!) the nutrition and flavors it all brings in, still equals a win. Soba noodles, carrots, mushrooms, bell pepper, fresh spinach and edamame are just a few of the stars in this dish to make it a success.

Complimenting it with a fresh baguette, or whole grain bread for dipping leaves us feeling content until the next days adventures.

Broth bowls are just one of many comfort foods that I look forward to this time of year. But like most seasons, I can start off strong with a multitude of weeknight ideas and then completely go blank halfway through, when trying to plan meals for the upcoming week. Sooooo, for this weeks food blog I am asking that we all help each other out for a successfully delicious new round of cooking this fall and share our favorite comfort meals. The more ideas the better! When you type your dish in the comments below, everyone will be able to see them. Please DON'T overthink this! Simple is better. Don't feel like your dish isn't worthy of sharing if it doesn't have 20 ingredients or the majority of coloring in it isn't green. And... if it isn't pretty to look at, no one cares! If it has been taste tested by you or your children, we want it! The goal is to help each other out, not feel intimidated. AND, if you would rather share a comfort food dessert, knock yourself out. The reality is, last night I ate blueberry crisp for dinner and it felt so good! That's right people, I said it!

Feel better now????

Happy Sharing!

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