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Bread and Chocolate

If anyone has ever questioned Gods love for (wo)mankind, these 3 words prove it!

How adorable (and true) is this sign?

I'm not sure about most families but the men in mine aren't as excited as us girls about seeking out unique eateries. We are"foodies" and the fact that we were engrossed in the travel guide listing, of nearby restaurants like we were reading a New York Times bestseller, pretty much proved that! I like good food, I can't help it. And I love to discover delicious finds in the most unexpected places.



(maybe Eve thought fruit tasted like chocolate...that could explain her lack in judgement!)

This adorable little shop made us drool at first sight! Bread and chocolate, really? It was like a dream come true. I imagined walking in and just seeing fountains of chocolate everywhere. The employees would be walking around handing out skewers laced with various types of warm, fresh bread for dipping. You get the picture. But, the truth of the matter was, this place was nothing like any of us expected, but still just as scrumptious!

This little vegan cafe did in fact have both bread and chocolate, but they were paired together with healthy additions. And although I envisioned having to be rolled out of the place on a chocolate and carb overload, I actually left feeling completely satisfied and lighter than when I came in. Healthy food can do that for me.

My older daughter and I both had avocado toast on warm, fresh multigrain bread, sprinkled with tumeric and nutritional yeast, a side of kale, plantains and a cup of fresh fruit. My youngest had the buckwheat pancakes with chocolate, walnuts, strawberry & apple slices, maple syrup with a side of cinnamon sweet potatoes.

If the green scares you, don't let it. The sweet and savory married so well that it all came together deliciously. The bread was another winner and it could have easily stood alone, however the avocados just made it that much better. Juices were fresh squeezed and we took advantage of sampling the apple, strawberry and beet ones.

FYI-if you've never had raw juices, especially beet juice, slow and steady wins the race, if you get what I'm saying... Nothing can ruin an impromptu morning of sight seeing and sampling like trying to hunt down a public restroom in a foreign country! I may or may not be talking from experience here...

Foods that I love can sometimes surprise me. And what my girls and I planned on being an overindulgent breakfast, ended up being our healthiest meal of the day. I enjoy finding new ways to pair the things I love in a way that results in a delicious and healthy meal. It's not always easy, most times it can be a fail trying to win over all 6 people in my household. However, that's why encouraging all of us to try new things, in new places, is always worth it to me. If they don't like it, I don't care because I didn't make it. But if they do, I don't mind trying to duplicate someone else's trial and errors, especially if it allows me to do it with bread and chocolate.

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