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the bicycle burn

How cute is this Schwinn?

I love riding bikes and yet, I don't ride mine as much as I'd like to. Working out regularly in a gym makes it even easier for me to forget about how much I actually enjoy it and what great exercise it is. Sometimes I overthink what a good workout can look like and the truth is, I would rather be outside in the summertime than inside. One of the many great things about this time of year is that schedules are more flexible and everyone is trying to soak in as much family time as they can. Because of that, when I can't meet for my normal (torture) session with Julie between four walls at the YMCA, I end up incorporating my fitness in other ways.

Recently while in Wildwood, N.J., the main forms of exercise appeared to be walking and biking. Every morning, families and individuals of all ages would ride their bikes up and down the boardwalk and because there are rentals at every corner, I took full advantage. It's a beautiful ride that extends even beyond where the boardwalk ends and continues onto an oceanside sidewalk. And, if you don't get enough walking or biking with a view, there were bike lanes on all the streets that allowed me to pedal around town too(mainly to seek out cute eateries and coffee shops, but that's besides the point!)

It is such great exercise. A moderate pace can burn anywhere from 200-300 calories in 30 minutes. (half the calories that are in a funnel cake, like the one I had eaten the night before...whatever...don't judge me!)

Knowing that I had a bike waiting for me at home was a good reminder to utilize the different seasons for different ways to get in shape. If you're doing the same things and it's starting to feel old, consider changing up the way you think of fitness this summer. If gyms aren't your thing, it's a perfect opportunity to try something different with something you actually enjoy! And although when I return home I'll be swapping beach views with the scent of salty air, for country roads, cows and well, you know...manure, I welcome the change of scenery and the thought of burning off a few extra calories (compliments of vacation indulgences and ZEMS ice cream) with my bike!

My husband has a bike problem! It's like me with shoes...and yes, they are hanging upside down!



This is what my daughters and I do when my husband and sons are doing a bike race! No one wants to see me race on a one.

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