The Proud Parent

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Crown Worthy

"I'm a Proud Mom/Dad of an Awesome kid"


"I'm a Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student!"

I love reading the stickers that parents have on the backs of their cars proclaiming their child's strengths. I'm not put off by reading them, however, I've never felt compelled to stick one on mine. Partly because I feel like the minute you profess their advantages, there is an immediate expectation that other people hold them to. Have you ever heard side conversations among parents almost happy to hear when another child hasn't measured up to the known standard? I have. And at times, I've even fallen into some of those conversations. The truth is, we want our kids to be the BEST and reading something that reminds us where are own children are falling short, can be challenging! It's hard to not let our parental pride get into the way of realistic expectations for our children. Everything can feel like a competition.

The other reason I am not prone to the Proud Parent Sticker is because I've yet to see one that would be honest and true to how I really feel at times! Mine would be too wordy and possibly sarcastic and would say something real like,

"I love my kids, but how they treated their siblings this morning made me anything but proud!"


"I am the proud parent of an imperfect and average child, who has the potential to be above average in all areas, however, depending upon the laziness or attitude they are exuding on any given day, the results may vary!"