Navy Blue

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

While Advent is in full swing I catch myself having moments of how next year's Christmas season might look different for our family. A few weeks back my oldest son enlisted in the D.E.P (delayed entry program) for the United States Navy and plans on shipping out next August.

When my daughter left for college two years ago, things felt differently then they do today with my son's new enlistment. Having her not around in the everyday busyness of life was an adjustment indeed, but she, and I, always knew that coming home whenever needed would be attainable. We have been blessed that our children want to come home and it has been a place that they find comfort and solace. I know that isn't true for every family and child.

There is something about the prospect of coming home that I love. Maybe it's the warm feelings of security and affection it brings or maybe it's the excitement of returning to a place where we found peace laying down our heads at night and the fond memories built there that continue to remain in our hearts .

It appears that every other commercial airing right now during this holiday time seems to exemplify those same feelings. Watching a child or parent wait with anticipation of a loved one coming home this glorious time of year, can't help but tug at the heartstrings of both the ones returning and the ones waiting. There is nothing like coming home to a place you love and are loved.