Updated: May 10, 2019

Making Ordinary Meaningful

I love this picture of my mom. She looks like a movie star!

With Mother's Day coming up in just a few more days I've been thinking about what it means to be a mom. My own experiences with motherhood along with my relationship and memories with my mom led me to this basic, but impactful truth; being a mother is making ordinary (life) meaningful. My mom did that for me. She cooked, cleaned, worked inside the home, outside the home, and slept, until we were teens that is, and then repeated it all over again the next day. And, although all those mundane tasks were and still are necessary, it was in between those ordinary duties, where life happened and became meaningful to us children. My mom and I are different people. We do just as many things similar, as we do differently and yet, it's what we learn from each other that counts, and makes a good mom, great.

The Similarities

Some of the similarities my mom and I share are obvious. We both talk loud. She's louder, however, I can hold my own within my own walls at home. Over the years her voice has brought necessary discipline but also wisdom and grace at unexpected times. And some of the most ordinary conversations we've had have become the most meaningful ones.

Another trait we share is having introverted tendencies. She used to hide in her basement as a young mom, when my sister was a baby, to avoid the social neighbor who wanted to sit in her kitchen and chat every morning with coffee and, I have been known to disappear, in my basement or other parts of my home, when trying to avoid people who I struggle speaking with. I know. I'm not proud of it. It's not you, it's me or rather us!

My mom and I also share an affinity for nicely shaped eyebrows! Learning to pluck my eyebrows and set a proper dinner table were the two most special and fun things my mom every taught me! Except for when either one of those things were done wrong! You have to have both a water and wine glass, regardless if anyone is having either and you can't expect to go to school with half an eyebrow and not have kids notice! Ugh.

We are both caretakers. And, once we love you, we will always love you. We take pride in helping others, loving with everything we have and sharing our hearts. We will give you the shirts of our backs, literally!

A less obvious similarity we share is our family dynamic. She had five children. I had five children. Her brother and oldest son passed away and so did mine. It's interesting how that all played out. Death is ordinary, yes, but having my mom understand exactly how I felt made the experience easier, making the ordinary meaningful.

The Differences

My mom is way more put together than I am. The hair, nails, makeup, clothes. She'll show up to a Little League ball game in a leopard top and shoes laced with an armful of jewelry. She takes pride in everything she does, even down to the fine details of matching her purse to her shoes. Me, not so much. I rarely file my nails, let alone paint them. My makeup process takes about 5 minutes because that's as much time and effort I'm willing to put in! She wears bold patterns and colors and I prefer monochromatic dressing, with my staple colors of white, black and navy. Watching her love fashion, helped me embrace my own, making the ordinary meaningful.