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HIIT me with your best shot!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

I have a love/hate relationship with working out! I love the results when I'm consistently doing it, however I hate taking the time to do it! It's not that I'm lazy, just the opposite, there's a million other things I feel like I could be knocking off my to-do list instead.

Don't get me wrong, staying home and cleaning my toilets doesn't get me excited either, but if I'm being honest, sometimes I would rather tone my forearms with a clorox toilet wand, rather than have someone hand me a barbell and insist I do 6 sets of 10 squat cleans! Some mornings its just hard to get motivated to go to the gym, especially when I feel like other things are more important. I can easily justify a range of distractions for not getting there, time, kids, fatigue, brushing my hair, dreaming about food that I shouldn't eat, you name it, if I am not feeling it, I can be pretty creative in the excuses. Feel free to use any of those!

The reality is, it is important, and I know it! Not only for a physical satisfaction, but mental as well. I'm usually a lot more productive when I've started my day with a workout and my everyday stresses, go way down. Fortunately, my friend Alice and I go together, so we keep each other in check. When one of us is not feeling it, the other one usually is, so we rarely miss unless we absolutely have to. Our exercise of choice is a HIIT workout, even though we constantly give our trainer Julie, a hard time about it. Lucky for us, Julie is focused even when we are not. She doesn't care about our complaints because she knows how happy we are when we're done. She keeps us in line and in shape, by giving us a new workout each week. And since we are both in our 40's, she tailors the workouts to work around all our ailments. For me its back, Alice its shoulder. What can I say, I'm not 20 anymore, and things can hurt if they're not done properly! Consistency with HIIT has shown the best results not only in the physical transformation but mental one as well. In less than an hour my motivation increases and my mood and tone change from negative to positive. It has been a perfect balance of a cardio/strength training and ab workout.

If Julie had mens legs that would be her timing me!

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