Sarcasm Calling...

Talking with people is always an interesting experience, especially with my children. Some days the interactions flow out like milk and honey and other days I'm left feeling like I just stepped in milk and honey!

Recently when trying to have a discussion with my husband, one of my children uninvitedly chimed in. Instead of correcting him with patience and refinement, I responded with my normal vice, sarcasm. I would love to say that all of my interactions and responses are filled with thoughtful words, but they're not. I'm human and my children are too.

Me - "If I wanted your two cents I would have asked for it..."

Son - "I have more than two cents, I have almost a whole dollar!"

Sadly, my sarcasm has now been passed down to my children! And although his words may be somewhat humorous now, it was a wake-up call I needed to hear .

Could it be possible that the way I communicate can affect other people's reaction?

Heck yes!

I think communicating properly is important, but it is definitely something that I've had to learn along the way. Being a reactor, it's not always easy for me to gain composure in conversations that don't revolve around pleasantries. And variables such as fatigue, overextension and frustration can also contribute to poor exchanges. Moreover, my son's words reminded me that even when we have more than two cents to add, like he clearly did, (almost a whole dollar...,Really?) we probably shouldn't add it in.