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Choosing Progress Over Perfection

Updated: May 7, 2019

Appreciating the Journey it takes to Live My Best Life

I think it’s fairly common to have high expectations and want the best for yourself and your family. However, life becomes out of balance when the idea of perfection blinds us from the progress we make in our lives.

I like being in control of myself and I like taking care of others. I thrive in that space. I enjoy making a plan of action to accomplish things that I find important in my life. I gain satisfaction working in a formulated pattern of researching A to setting up B and accomplishing C. Maybe that’s why I am also a list maker. It feels good to accomplish things and check them off my list. Things tend to run smoother when I am trying to control them. It allows for less chances of errors, which makes me happy. But, I’ve realized that even when efforts have been made and things still don’t come out perfectly, I’m left feeling defeated. Because of that, I had to start accessing what was more important, the progress in getting where I wanted to be or having everything perfect.

Growth comes in the Progress, not the Perfections.

I don’t thrive so well in places and things I have no control over. It’s very difficult for me to get excited about something that I am leaving to chance. I like things to turn out how I plan them to be, so striving for perfection that others can see has the power to overshadow my progress. I had to learn how to value and appreciate the process and the growth that was developing while I put in the work and waited. Changing my perception to progress over perfection helps remind me to embrace each moment and acknowledge its contribution to my goals and dreams. Progress happens in life when noone is watching. It is found in the small nods, instead of the grand gestures.

Progress over perfection can be embraced in a million different ways; marriage, parenting, careers, finances, and the list goes on. That’s where we learn, make adjustments and grow. Yet, we can still be fooled by the lure of perfection. We foolishly believe that a perfect life makes the most impact when quite frankly, it’s just the opposite. Progress gives us grace by allowing us to stumble and make mistakes. Perfection can be mercilessness and produce feelings of inadequacy, when not met. Progress has helped me develop a more mature mindset and appreciate each step and season in life that has lead me on my journey here. Today. Right now. Achieving perfection in my life will only be as good as the progress I made along the way.

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