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A "Best" Friend

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Have you ever found a best friend that you didn't know you were even looking for?

Growing up in such a close-knit family, especially one with an incredible sister, never really made me appreciate or seek out, all the things a "best friend" could bring into my life. My life appeared to be complete. However, that wasn't the case and fortunately God was eager to share with me one of the greatest gifts a person can have, even if He had to chase me down so I didn't miss it.

The idea of a "best" friendship is not always exclusive to just one person. It simply includes people in our lives that give it more meaning than it had before. And what makes it so significant and beautiful, is the journey we must take when finding them.

I have a lot of people that I am friends with, especially now with social media. Somehow my list of friends has grown tenfold which is both wonderful and strange, due to the fact I never really thought I needed them. And despite my ignorance, these online connections to genuine people are great. Still, I find that sharing real life on these sites can become a little more restricted and sometimes superficial. Having a conversation with someone who knows me on deeper level and has been with me in the triumphs as well as the trenches is what makes the difference between a friend and a "best" friend. The value that a "best" friend holds, is much greater than an emoji smile or a "like" response. Their worth is priceless.

I've learned that true "best" friends add quality to your life. They are your cheerleader, coach, supporter, councilor and eventually part of your heart. They offer all that they have, when you have nothing to offer. And when you are broken, they stay to pick up the pieces. They create joy, tears, laughter and a lifelong kinship that you never could have imagined.

When you don't know you need someone, they can be easy to overlook.

My first real adult "best" friend came into my life when I was twenty-six years old. A random pizza delivery turned into a deep-rooted solidarity. Mutual happiness and hurts, spanning over 20 years has become a lifelong bond that I cherish. She has been a gift from God. And like most of God's gifts, when you pay attention to one, he normally has others waiting for you as well. You just have to be willing to pursue them.

Connections to those who we develop strong friendships with can come from anywhere; our children, spouse, mutual friend, or even a neighbor. Sometimes we don't even know we're looking for one and yet when we find it, we realize how desperately we needed it. They can be seamless or can require work, but it's what we can learn from each other that makes the relationship worthwile. "Best" friendships can communicate boldly or in an unspoken manner that requires us to be in tune with their heart.

Throughout the years, my experiences with praiseworthy friendships, has motivated me to offer more of myself to others. Recognizing all the goodness my close friends have brought to me is a reminder of their importance. God's deliberate plan of where and when He placed them in my life has changed me for the better. They continue to sharpen me to be the "best" I can be. The lessons I've learned from them are abundant and the more they teach me, the more I grow. They all bring something unique to my life but the one characteristic they all possess is the intention to deliver their "best" in every season of my life.


...proverbs 27:17


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Beautifully written.


Well said, Amy!❤


Only Fridays, thank goodness!lol


I agree Deb!! I’m happy to have her friendship!! I’m also happy she harasses you in the morning to work out!! 😴😂


Oct 26, 2018

Don't boss me Deb!❤

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